I have been designing a photography app which will allow iPhone and Android users to take photos, then to have them stored online to share with their friends and the world. The reason for this project of mine is too many photography apps seem cluttered for my personal use, and I want to make something more streamlined. I am in the early days with this app and only creating the vital screens that users would see. I will keep this post updated as I do more designs and get hold of an app developer to bring my creation to life.

Here is the ‘My Profile’ screen.

My Photography App

Hi-Resolution image of ‘My Profile’ screen.

Photography app Hi-Res

Initial wireframe

Photography App Wireframe

2017 Update:
I have been making more wireframes for my app, the project is still on going, but I hope to finish my designs within a few months to get started on the next stage. Here are some of the mockups created:

App Mockups and Wireframes