Gnog Review

gnog review

Gnog, the latest release from developers KO_OP Mode, is a rather vibrant puzzle game that combines artistic aesthetics with clever and unique challenges for all ages. Playable in and out of virtual reality, Gnog is sure to impress any puzzle fan looking for something a little different.

In Gnog you must first unlock a themed puzzle box yourself and see what’s inside. These boxes vary in style and shape, as one level sees you mending a spacecraft, whilst another has you helping a burglar rob numerous houses. To get into each of the many boxes, you first must spin it around using the analogue sticks and locate a way in. Once inside the box, a group of objects, animals and characters emerge.
Gnog Review

In each of the boxes are a number of tasks to complete. By interacting with the contents and characters, all objects can be pressed, pulled and rotated to complete the puzzles. Most of the puzzles are vague and require some trial and error to work out, but this is only part of the fun as all of the boxes contain hidden areas and secrets which you wouldn’t normally find if you were not clicking frantically! To complete a level, a sequence of events must happen. This normally consists of solving a few basic tasks, such as matching up symbols, pressing down buttons and making shapes. Upon completing the first objective, the main challenge awaits.

gnog review

Scattered throughout each of the levels are clues on how to complete the main puzzles. Some consist of random icons which insinuate a pattern, or it’s just simply a matter of remembering a sequence in order. One level has you following a recipe book that you must replicate perfectly, whilst another has you deep sea diving to recover lost artefacts. Every level is lavish and unique as the vibrant colours and artistic scenery really make Gnog an eye catching title (it looks even better in virtual reality!). Upon solving a level, the box evolves into an exuberant face made from the boxes bits and pieces. It then proceeds to break into song and dance with an extravagant show of visuals, lights and sounds. All of this is a spectacular show, if not a little odd, but hey, it is artistic after all!

Overall, Gnog is a unique puzzler that combines truly great puzzles with a fantastic visual experience. The game is short but sweet, and is perfect for kids due to the easy controls and vibrant colours. If you are lucky enough to own a PSVR, I highly recommend playing Gnog in VR for the experience it provides. If not, this is still an great puzzle game nonetheless.

Overall rating 7.5 out of 10


  • Unique looking visuals
  • Intriguing range of puzzles


  • Quite short, with little replay value

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